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The New York Schools have specified security devices that protect computers, peripherals, audio visual and other equipment.  The devices are required to pass certain performance tests and carry a three-year no-theft limited warranty that provides for the replacement of stolen equipment.  (Please note: the no-theft warranty does not apply to notebook, iPad, iPad Mini, tablet or netbook carts, safes or any cable devices.)  The devices on FAMIS meet these requirements, as well as providing for insured delivery and installation by a qualified vendor.  The new generation of contract security devices are easier to use and have more convenient locks than the ones used for many years in the schools.  They are also less expensive.

This web page allows you to prepare a quotation for approved security devices available on FAMIS.  This quotation can be used to place a FAMIS order.  Other contract devices are available that are not on FAMIS.  Please contact Datamation Systems for assistance or additional information: by telephone at (201)329-7200 or (212)732-3824 or by e-mail at

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